ACG Art – Anime Girl Wallpaper Magazine

If you are a fan of ACG or Anime, you will love the Wallpaper Magazine of ACG & Anime! All the wallpapers are with the superb quality and more wallpaper will be updated daily! Features: - New wallpapers added daily - Wallpapers search using selected characters - Intelligent caching system, guaranteed your review of the pictures offline - Mail your favorite wallpapers to your friends - Download your favorite wallpapers

If you are a fan of ACG or Anime, you will love the Wallpaper Magazine of ACG & Anime!

All the wallpapers are with the superb quality and more wallpaper will be updated daily!

– New wallpapers added daily
– Wallpapers search using selected characters
– Intelligent caching system, guaranteed your review of the pictures offline
– Mail your favorite wallpapers to your friends
– Download your favorite wallpapers


329 thoughts on “ACG Art – Anime Girl Wallpaper Magazine

  1. First of all, awesome app. There isnt a day were there isnt a day i dont love a pic. Sadly with the new update i cant download pictures any more. Any help is greatly needed.

    Thanks again,

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  3. Ok I love the app but when you removed all the pictures that showed any anime girls tits ass and nipples which very few pictures still do but all the other ones that you removed you should bring back please. But this is still a good app so please bring them back

  4. I bought the .99 one a few months ago now its froze on may 26 and is not updating. Also when i send a wallpaper to my email all i get is a link to buy the app i already own. It might just be .99cent but i still paid for something that does not work.

  5. I really love the young sexy anime girls but writing a review crashed my app and I lost all my favorites

  6. Yes I just got back on the app and a lot of the pictures that were on the app are not there anymore, so I was just wondering if we could get all of them back because the ones that are gone are the really good ones. But all in all still good app.

  7. I downloaded AcgART in Korea and it did not connect to Internet server. At first time, it works fine but after second, inly white screen is come out. Why does it happen?

  8. I downloaded ur app for my iPod touch but want to know how I can use the different wallpapers? They look good on the app but when I email them to me and try to use them, they don’t fit the screen. Please help.

  9. The ACG Art app failed to download any pictures on November 28th 2013 and crashed when going to the “random” page.

  10. I have a little problem. Since the newest updat the app doesn’t work anymore,it just doesn’t load the pictures. How could that be and is there a solution?

  11. Since November 26th new images don’t appear in the app. I tried uninstalling and installing again, but now I can’t see any image, not even the oldest ones. They simply don’t download into the app. Please try to fix it. Thanks.

  12. My app keeps crashing when I hit the random pictures button and it no longer shows the daily calender pictures or the categories

  13. One of my favorite apps for my iPhone, I am liking the new tagging feature, only addition would be a page that shows all tags which can then be searched showing all pics with that tag.

  14. heloo
    i need support for one of your app.
    where is some mail, i have question about game i bought.
    thank you!

  15. Dear sir or madame,

    after update of the 3rd of January 2014 in every start breaks down, so app doesn’t start but break down always.


  16. great app but didnt update today’s
    what’s more,the hentai pictures are gone,tell us why,thx:D

  17. After your last update you said you fixed bugs but the app has more bugs now because it kicks me out more now and before the update there was over 12,000 pictures but now there is only 8,000 can you put the other 4,000 plus pictures back on please. But still a good app

  18. Hi, I just wanted to ask you why you deleted so many pictures in the new update of ACG-Art.
    Thank you for your answer.

  19. The acg art app for iPhone 4S the 3.1 version won’t load any wallpapers at all

  20. I downloaded free version and paid in app for full version but in app store i stil have free version, not full.
    for what have i paid then?
    and to be better, now i cant even open app becouse of some bugs, just great!!! -_-

  21. ACG art app not working, takes a long time to load and afterwards no pictures are viewable, please fix. Many comments on app review. Thx

  22. The app is awesome but since the update 3.1.1 or something it won’t load the pics anymore. Just a continual refresh screen

  23. None of the pictures are loading up. Why is that. I have had this app since last year and it suddenly crashed.!!

  24. ACG art is one of my absolute favorites, but for some reason when I bought the full version it refuses to show me all of its content. It is only showing me about 8000 pictures and only shows about 5 categories. Any advice on how to fix this?? I’ve tried reinstalling it, but it did nothing.

  25. The App only Shows 8400 pictures my Friends has over 13000 pics and i cannot view the 18+ pictures pls fix this. Have iPhone 4S with the newest iOS . App Version 3.1.1 ( Not the Free Version)

  26. Hi

    I love your app. I had to switch iPhones and now when I re downloaded the paid app it doesn’t show the full content. What can I do to fix this issue? Thank you

  27. I purchased this app a few weeks ago. I am really enjoying the user interface. It is better than others of the same type. I do wonder where you get some of the images from. I would like to see more of this artwork especially that of the adult content.

  28. Paid for app twice, sine I wanted to try both versions and felt generous. I noticed that the actual version is $4.00 and DOESNT show 17+ photos, however the free version upgraded to full version shows them. Please fix, I’m running iOS 7.06 on an iPhone 5S. Thanks

  29. Paid for app twice because I felt generous and wanted to test stuff out. I found out that the App Store version that costs $4.00 doesn’t show the 17+ photos, however the Free version upgraded for $4.00 shows them. Please fix for the paid version. I paid $4.00 to get rid of the “Free” part of the app icon. ❤


  30. Hi! I saw the rating promo on the app review and wasn’t sure if I was suppose to leave my email with the review so I did. Also for the promo for the free promo code for the paid version, is it by chance or does anybody who did the promotion get it? If by chance, I hope I get it. *(ˊॢo̶̶̷̤ .̫ o̴̶̷̤ˋॢ)˚

  31. I just purchased the full version of ACG art and more than half of the catagories do not show up and also none of the r18 images will show up and I have the filter turned off, even when I redownloaded the free version I had (which worked perfectly) did the exact same thing.

  32. Hello,
    I purchased the app within the free one because I truly enjoyed the app and believed the art was awesome. Once I purchased it, however, the app logo still had free on it so I decided to buy the app with the non-free logo on it. Unfortunately, the credit did not transfer and I was charged twice for it. Is it possible I receive a refund?

  33. Your acg app is broken everytime you tap a picture to open it it shuts down the app also the same with date scrolling the date will instantly shut the app

  34. I just got the full version of ACG art I loved the free version worked great, now when I go to load pictures the loading symbol is all I get for about 5-10 seconds then a blank page. I whent back to the free one still won’t work. I will keep trying to use the ap in hopes it will fix it self thanks

  35. ok i got the update and i notice it says if i leave a 5 star review and my email i will get a promo code for the paid version for free. i have done all the requirements and would like to know why have i not received my code it has been three days. if this is not the right location to be asking this please let me know.

  36. I purchased this way back when it was 99 cents. So now you raised the price, fair enough, but you want me to pay for it again? And is there a better way to contact the company than through this?

  37. Die App ist klasse, mich stört nur das ich 6,99€ für die vollversion ausgebe und die App mir nach 2 Monaten dann sagt ich hätte keine Vollversion und ich soll nochmal 6,99€ bezahlen. Falls das so Standard ist sollte das wenigstens mit auf der Seite stehen wo die App Erläuterungen sind!

  38. I’d like a real reason why the free app of acg anime wallpapers gives me more of a selection then the one I paid 8$ for?? It should be illegal to do what your doing, I paid good money only to have what I paid for not there. Explain to me by email or I’m taking legal action

  39. Love the app but I bought the full version a long time ago and now with the newest update I have ads again!! I have the ability for hd and dl still but the ads are back!!

  40. Can you guys leave the anime character’s show’s name plz and can you give me the name of the Anime it is # 93 • 18392. THX

  41. Hey, I like this app and I have the free version but when the update 3.3 came out in the description it says: Review the app (in iTunes) with 5 stars and leave your email to receive a promotional code to change the free verion for the paid version with the promotional code, I did it. I rated the app 5 stars and also I leave my email but I didn’t receive any promotional code. Please, can you give the promotional code? My email is

  42. I payed for the full version of ACG wallpaper in March
    My apple account wouldn’t let me update cause my bank
    Account went negative for only 3 days when I made my
    It positive I tried to acces ACG wallpaper app I had to restore
    The purchase instead it charged me again…

  43. Could you tell me how to turn on 18+ tag ? Because after i purchased this app that button is gone. I want to see 18+ again last time i turned off that before purchase.

  44. There was a lot of cool, beautiful and sexy girls artwork on the app and now a lot of it has gone, it’s quite disappointing.. Why is this?

  45. 空吧哇~~我很喜欢你的APP ACG ART,作为一名死宅,有些想法,很想与您交流,如果方便,可否加我QQ 444722855?

  46. Since updating to version 4.2.1, I keep getting the pop up “no piracy” as soon as I want to download a wallpaper. My app is not a pirated version as I got it through the app store! I tried opening the app through the app store but keep getting the same “no piracy” pop up. Please advise if this is a bug.

  47. I have a problem. I did an upgrade of the app thru the free app, then deleted it and got the full app because i didnt want the free banner on the app icon. I got charged twice, and so i got a refund for one of them. Unfortunately now, im not able to update, it saying that I had the app refunded.

  48. When I went into app to update. Lost all of my favorites and lost the filter switch. Plz fix it.

  49. The App is Super cool !!!
    Why if this App not also for Android ??
    I missing this.
    If this planned for Android System ??
    Many thanks for replay…..

  50. where all the 18+ pictures are gone?
    cannot find the 18+ on/off-button!
    please fix this bug as soon as possible!

  51. I can’t use it anymore because even the free version requires iOS 6 and above 😦

  52. please fix the re-purchase function. it is not possible to view all pictures or to add any to the favourites list because the re-purchase function does not work.

  53. I have been notified that your app includes my artwork. As this app is not an interface for an existing service, I do not approve of my works being redistributed for profit regardless of whether or not you offer a free version. Please remove all of my artwork from your library.

  54. I downloaded this app and loved it in the beginning but now I don’t. I just updated the app. When I did it took off the r18 part in the settings. It alsoesses up when I try to view pictures in “full screen” mode. It’ll let me view a photo but once I get out of that photo I can’t click on/get into another in “full screen” mode. Once these problems get solved i will be happy with the app again. How can I get this fixed?

  55. Hallo…
    This App is very good but i change now the mobile to a Android….please can you Tell me if planned that this App will also come for Android? Please advise

    Thanks in Advanced


  56. My application acg art doesnt work anymore since the last upload.

    What’s happening?????

    Please answer me…Thks

  57. The app keeps messing up. It will only let me view one picture in “full screen” mode. Once I view a picture and then get out of it I can’t view anymore in “full screen” mode. Also the r18 setting isn’t there anymore. Can anyone help me?? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks. 🙂

  58. ACG Art
    I have paid for this full version twice. Yet, it kept popping window asking me to go purchase from App Store. WTF?? What can I do to keep this from happening aside from paying again??

    1. ACG Art
      I have paid for this full version twice. Yet, it kept popping window asking me to go purchase from App Store. WTF?? What can I do to keep this from happening aside from paying again??

  59. Umm I had to get rid of this app to update phone then redownload and the R18 filter is gone now. Did I break it some how???

  60. What the heck, the app told me it is pirated one, and i took it and downloaded it when u or itunes store post it free for a limited time, and what the hack also u do not have a support mail , it is getting my nerve, do please try to solve my issuse with the app

  61. hey so my acg art app has somehow lost the r18 feature after doing a restore on my phone and now it wont come back even if i uninstall it and reinstall it.

  62. I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, but I hope you do.

    I left a review on iTunes that was, essentially, ignored.

    Your app is good, but there are some problems that really need fixing. For one, it would be nice if you updated this website with the change logs and information about new versions.

    Furthermore, the R18 content is completely I available to me after having to reinstall the (paid version of) the app because it was giving me anti-piracy messages, even though I legitimately bought the app.

    One of your change logs from November mentions an R18 filter, but does not explain what that is. If this means you can filter R18 content, that’s a nice option, but there is no option to do that. I update the app whenever a new version is available, so I don’t know why it would suddenly stop showing R18 content when reinstalled.
    I’d also like to know what this whole deal is with not being able to download/install the app through iTunes. I’ve done it many times just fine.

    One last thing is that there needs to be an option to manually search for keywords/tags. The tagging is a mess as it is, so perhaps keeping your blog up-to-date would at least encourage more people to use it because it’s being actively maintained, and therefore better tagging.

  63. I can’t see any pictures when I’m in this app .. Previously its loading . But no pictures come and now its not loading

  64. Either the app doesn’t update anymore or there is a bug which makes it stay at July 11th

  65. Please bring the r18 option back to ACG Art, I miss seeing boobies on the app! 😦

  66. Когда пытаюсь скачать картинку появляется окно с просьбой оценить приложение. Я перехожу в app store оцениваю приложение но моя оценка не появляется в общем списке. А в приложении так же появляется сообщение о оценке приложения и я не могу сказать картинку. :((

  67. Updated my phone and I now get a piracy warning. Already paid for the app a while ago.

  68. It not refresh day to day please find a way to fix it and have a nice day or night

  69. I recently restored my phone to factory settings then restored it to a previous backup of my phones data. Now when I go to either look at my favorites or add new favorites I get a pop up saying “no piracy if you love this app go to the store and get a new one” and when I click on this it will take me to the store but I only have the option to open the app. How do I fix this so I can look at my favorites and add new ones without getting the pop up?

  70. I was recently having issues with my phone so I restored it to it’s factory setting and then reloaded a previous backup. After doing so I am unable to add new favorites or look at my old favorites without getting an in app pop-up saying “No Piracy. If you love this app, please go to App Store and get a new one. Thank you!” however, when I go to the app store I only have the option to open the app. There is no option to re-download it or anyway to fix this issue. I am rather unhappy about this see as how I purchased the full version of this app and I am now unable to use it.

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  72. Alright this is getting old. Why is this page linked to app support if no one ever checks this page? It is rather redundant. I posted about my problem a mint ago, and still haven’t recieved any assistance.

  73. Something has gone horribly wrong with ACG Art. I downloaded the update this morning and as soon as I accessed the app to see today’s pictures, the app has suddenly gone back in time as if it was December 2009. I still have my favorites, but all the pictures since then have disappeared from the app as well as the days/months/years on the calendar.

    Please fix it! I love this app!

  74. I have bought the paid version of ACG art on apple store using the in app purchase tab in the free version of the app. But now i notcies that theres a paid version on the app store itself and the paid version receives more frequent updates than the free version of the app. But i have PAID FOR THE APP and “I WANT THE SAME KIND OF UPDATES. PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP. I CAN PROVIDE THE PURCHASE INVOICE TOO. “

  75. once again all the 18+ pictures are gone and i cannot find the 18+ on/off-button! since a few days i am waiting for daily updades! please fix this bug as soon as possible!

  76. first of all: thank you for your support! today i reloaded this app and now i can see pictures till 12th november, but once more all the 18+ pictures are gone and i cannot find the 18+ on/off-button! at least: if you fix this bug as soon as possible, i am finally happy!

  77. Hey if could please check your guys’s app for I-Tunes ACG art a lot of us are not getting daily images and some of us have been stuck on November 13 for almost 11 days so please fix this bug thank you.
    Christopher Cook

  78. The acg art anime wallpaper magazine app is not up to date. For the past week or 2, it has been stuck at nov. 13. I would like a patch to be made to rectify this matter and update the portfolio at your earliest convieniecnce. Thank you.

  79. Why did the full version of the app stop working on iPhone. I paid $7.99 for the app and now it won’t update past Nov 13th.

  80. Hey the ACG ART doesn’t update daily. Why? Mine stopped at November 13. Plz fix it as give me a reply

  81. What is wrong with the app, hasn’t updated in over 3 weeks. Advertised to update daily. Want refund or daily updates. App description need to be changed since it never updates daily anymore for a long time. Calling Apple to complain.

  82. hello, whats wrong with this app? since 13th november there are only the same old pictures, no more daily updates! and why do you not answer? big fail!

  83. I downloaded you app but there is no new content since 13 november. Are you going to continue with the app???

  84. Hi,
    Are Young still Running the Acg Art wallpaper Magazine? I’ve there has no been an Update Since 13th November.



  85. once more: all the 18+ pictures are gone and i cannot find the 18+ on/off-button! and again: since 11th february there are no daily updates! to admin: bad support (or no support) for an app i paid for makes me angry! you have to fix this bug or create an update, but i expect a solution as soon as possible! if you have any problems, you can tell me via e-mail!

  86. Your free acg anime girl eallpaper has not been updated since janurary 11th. I dont see the need to buy a product that gets slow updates that are suppose to be daily.

  87. since i wrote my last comment on 21th january, nothing has changed. what the hell…! is there nobody, who can fix this bug? i think, this is the job of someone, but if he (or she) does not care about this app… big fail!

  88. I paid for the app already but I had to upgrade my phone and now it’s saying I have to pay again

  89. Why is you acg art anime girl free app not updating? Its last update was janurary 11th. Please update. Ios i have is 8.1.3 and its iphone 4s

  90. meanwhile over one month (!) is gone and still nothing has changed. what the f*** is going on here? i think, there is nobody who will create an update or this app is dead and nobody cares… anyway, for me this is only big fail!

  91. thank you for this big update! finally i can see new pictures until today, but unfortunately there are still no 18+ pictures and i cannot find the 18+ on/off-button! please, can you fix this for me?

  92. thank you! thank you! thank you! this is the first time since a few weeks that everything works fine: pictures are up to date, 18+ button is back… perfect!!! i hope, you can keep this level 👍👍👍

  93. i have acg art pro but it don’t show me the sexual and nude pics what should i do?

  94. the last few days i had no problems. after a crash i need to reload the app. now (once again) all the 18+ pictures and the 18+ on/off-button are gone! please, can you fix this for me?

  95. I have bought the app a while ago but I recently got a new phone so I did the restore purchase but I cannot get the +18 content, is there a way to enable this?

  96. The restore purchase function of the iOS App doesnt work for me. I only get an validation error when i use the button.

  97. I have upgraded my phone from an iPhone 4 to a iphone6. But when I try to restore my purchase, I get a validation error. There a fix for it soon?

  98. I love the app but I was wondering why I don’t have the 18 filter for my new phone iPhone 6 my iPhone 4 had it now I don’t and don’t get acces to the boobs and better in new phone pls help

  99. the app states updates daily and it’s been stuck on June 19th for 3 days now. I’m using iPhone 6 Plus 64 gig.

  100. I’ve had the free version for over a year and love it, bought the “full” version and I actually had less pictures and less options, what gives?

  101. They promise a daily update but it has not been updated for 2 weeks.
    Weiliang should not make promises he/she cannot keep!

  102. Hello.
    I downloaded the app and was great.
    Now the option for R18 is not there. Where are those images?

  103. ACG Art has not updated since June 19th. I was wondering if there are going to be anymore updates in the near future?

  104. This app and “The Beauty” haven’t bee updated in a long time. What happened?

  105. Good to hear you will be back, i was thinking, I would have the pictures on a server where by you could set it to automatically post a few new each day, so as to allow you long time away from it.

  106. I have a bug report, if you click the advertisement twice on the free version and exit out the store the white page will stick there it’s very annoying :/

  107. I have a bug report, if you click the advertisement twice on the free version and exit out the store the white page will stick there it’s very annoying :/ would you please make a update patch on that?

  108. I need help on my acg art app all of my favorite pictures are all blank now anyway I can fix that?

  109. A bug from ACG ART:
    When I use iCloud, the app always stops working at that moment, and it will never work until I reinstall it.

    I did not update IOS system, all the other conditions remains the same. Now I can not use the app for several month.

  110. Thr ACG Art app was crashing when I updated I had to delete it then reinstall and it seemed fixed. But I have a question where did the more ecchi pictures go? Will they be added back? I also noticed the R/18 option in settings was gone
    Has apple forced you to make the app more kiddy friendly?
    Thanks please reply to this.

  111. How do I turn off the r 18 filter? I have acg art for my iPad but there is no off button for that feature.

  112. Since purchasing app there is no R18 switch anymore.
    Free app had 40k images, now paid (AND FREE) have only 25k images.

  113. After purchasing ACH Art, number of drawings dropped from 40k+ to only 25k+
    R 18 switch disappeared.

  114. Free app had 40k drawings, now purchased app only has 25k drawings.
    Neither app now has R18 switch.

  115. I purchase app in iPhone and install app in iPad but I can see R18 app on iPhone and iPad not working. How I see R18 in app, I use one acc icloud

  116. Hey developer. I was wondering if you are ever to make this ACG Art app for Android. Please write back

  117. App is now frozen on iPhone 6 and will not you press on any buttons or scroll or anything. Sometimes doesn’t even load the pictures.

  118. When I purchased this app a couple years ago, it had an R-18 filter. I got a new iPhone and reinstalled it using the same apple account, and the filter is gone. Why was it removed and will it ever come back?

  119. This app has been updated but is falling back in the old self of not being updated and “the beauty” has not been updated in half a year, hope nothing serious happened to you

  120. This app is being updated nicely, now please update the beauty app too, that has not seen new pictures in months, thanks you.

  121. I’ve a problem with the app because it freezes after3-4 second when I start the app. I have this problem after update the app.
    Can you fix it, please?

      1. But why it would let more audience use OE buy the app because the world doesn’t only use app store. I would love the app to be on the android

      2. I think it should be on android because a lot of people use the android too and it would lead to more people buying and using the app.

  122. Hi i was wondering i have an ipad and an ipod but the displayed images in both devices are different my ipad shows less images than the ipod also the r18 images are not shown in my ipad version how do i fix this?

  123. Hi i was wondering why my ipad shows less images than mi ipod and also it doesnt show the r18 images what should i do?

  124. Hi i was wondering why does mi ipad shows less images than my ipod and it also doesnt show the r18 images why is this?

  125. Why does the R18 button keep disappearing whenever I redownload the wallpaper app?

  126. This new update seems to have deleted several categories and several pictures, and there seems to be a blanket filter on pictures – but I bought full access. Please fix!

  127. when i bought the full version app i lost all the 18+ content any way i can get it back with the full version? I’m a canadian fan and would like to continue to be

  128. Hey I love this app but now it is trash, I opened and then stop and get stuck them later it get close by it self…. Please fix it

  129. With the new update I lost all of my favorites and the r 18 feature is there a date set for an update to fix it or can you recommend a way to fix it it would be much appreciated

  130. As a loyal Chinese user, I think many people are willing to purchase this application if you lower its price. What do you think of it? : )

  131. What happened to the R18 + option? I upgraded my phone, downloaded the app again and the option was gone. Bring it back!

  132. As a loyal Chinese user, I think many people are willing to purchase this great application if you lower its price. What do you think about it?
    Best wishes.
    : )

    1. We got it.
      As you know, we are trying to show the best pics to everyone, but somebody are beating us in some way, especially in China…
      We are sitting in the embarrassed place…

      1. Oh,I’m sorry to hear that. By the way, this app is disappeared from appstore recently, what happened? When will you come back? Best wishes

      2. Oh,I’m sorry to hear that. By the way, this app is disappeared from appstore recently, what happened? When will you come back? Best wishes.

      3. We are so sorry to tell you that our Apple Developer Account was revoked by Apple and we cannot find out why. And now, we are doing our best to contact with Apple.

  133. Hi. I would like to post ACG in my tumblr and credit you and or whoever owns the app. My idea is to talk about how the pictures I favorited are nice and stuff. Like curating it like art history, but in my interst… I would like to curate anime from your app. I’m not going to sell anything. Thank you for reading. And I’d wanna put them in Stellar app too.

  134. I guess the last update caused some issues, because sometimes you have to reinstall it for some of the features and on mine (and several other people’s) there is no r-18 filter

  135. I am begging you please please please make an android app. I miss your app so much and I had the paid version and nothing compares. I am unaware if there is a website but if there is please let me know

  136. I had the app for awhile and I told my friend about the app and he has more selection like the gif and vdo and some sound and I am kinda sad. Please help me

  137. I need help I don’t have gif or sound on the app when I reuploaded I lost my r18

  138. I puchased acg long time ago and have been enjoying it so much. But after recent update, all the features are gone(r18, gif..). Back then the app was like $1.99 or something and now it is $9.99. So i thought the missing features will come back if i buy a new app. So i did purchase a few days ago and paid $9.99. But it is still the same and no great old features!!!! My old apple id was ‘killamack62@(same mail provider as the one i entered)’ and i paid about 1.99 years ago.. Since you can’t purchase the same app twice on app store, i even made another id “killamack76@(same mail provider as the one i entered when i submit this comment)” last week. Please bring back the features i really really love your app.!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!! I bought your app 2 times!!!….

  139. Where is the r-18 button and the video options. And why did I have to pay the full version again when I upgraded to I-phone 6? Your app is going downhill.

  140. I recently updated the app and now the R18 button is missing
    I had to uninstall then reinstall the app to get it to update because my phone was messing up but after I did that the R18 button was missing
    How can I get the R18 button back?
    Thank you

  141. After this update the app don’t recognize my purchase of the completE version… I tap on ‘restore purchase’, after few seconds I see ‘thank you’ but no changes…

  142. There’s been an issue with ACG Art where i’ve had the full version for years yet after the latest update it tells me I don’t have the full version. I’ve tried to fix the version with no luck =/

  143. the app had a big bug for new version. please check it up.
    New version can’t download picture it require to purchase full version. I Had purchased ardy.

  144. Fix the app, or give me my money back, or be sued for not providing product that was paid for.

  145. 如果能够支持批量下载壁纸就好了。当年买了完整版.不后悔

  146. i was purchased the full version and last version had some bug like can’t download picture so i redownload the apps.After i did this and all of R18 picture vod gif was missing please tell me how to fix it 😦

  147. Why is the acg art app in my iphone don’t have the r18 option to be turn on/off. Gif & Vos also not there . But in my Ipad there is..

  148. Updated acg art Plz update it so the new day will show on it and can you bring r18 back and take the sponsor off please

  149. I love your App, i really do, but one day a was downloading images from this app, but then at night when i tried to open the app i would just keep closing by it self and wouldn’t let me see the images, i tried deleting the app and download it again but when i did i couldn’t download the images and asked me ti buy the full version, please please please let me download the images again, your app is the only reason i have this cellphone…

  150. I love this app, i really do, but one day i was downloading images in the app normaly but then the app just didn’t open so i tried cdeleting it and downloading it again and when i did it solved the problem of opening but now i coludin’t download the images, can you please let me donwload the images once again…

  151. App not working?
    I re-installed it and the purchace did not working also? So i re-installed it through itune but still not working even after update
    Please need help

    Nb i’m facing the same problem with “beauty” app

  152. Love the apps. Couple of suggestions,
    Add iPad support, the app works well on iPad, but like Tumblr App could be redesigned to work in portrait and landscape orientation.
    Perhaps rework the picture host so that you can post pictures in batches months in advance setting the host to automatically release pictures a new batch every day.

    1. Thank for your suggestions. iPad version and new version is always in our plan. We are trying our best to do the best apps all the time.
      As you know, it need more time, more spirit, more money, more…
      We always in the road…
      Thanks for your love.

  153. Hi I just bought the app on 23rd oct,
    But it has not been updated since I bought it.
    Is it just a trick to my money?

  154. Hey there, I’ve purchased the full version of ACG Art via in-app purchase, but I cannot download the full version directly from App Store. Though I’m able to restore purchase from the free version, the R18 part is missing, which means I cannot choose to enable/disable it whenever I want or have access to the GIFs or V.D.O.s. Tis is a bit annoying because I don’t get the service I paid for. Looking forward to a solution.

    1. As you know, ACG Art and ACG Art Free are 2 apps in App Store, they are not the same one app. If you purchased the Full Version in ACG Art Free, you only can restore the Full Version in ACG Art Free…

  155. Hey there, have some issues abt the app ACG Art you developed.

    1. Purchased the full version of ACG Art via in-app purchase. Got access to the “you know what” content.
    2. Bought a new phone, downloaded the free version (full version not downloadable) and restored my purchase.
    3. No longer have access to the content mentioned above on my new phone or the old one.
    Need to fix it guys!

  156. I purchased the full version just now.
    But the update is still stuck in Oct 22 and the Best part of naked pics are all gone. Will you fix it and put them back?

  157. I’m not able to validate my app after reinstall. I did purchas this app from 2015. Please help

  158. I purchased this app maybe on last year. Afer re-install, I’m not able to validate and swtich to the”purchased” version. Please help!

  159. Im using this almost since the release and i love it! I know ull make it work once again ! We’ll be waiting \m/,

  160. The app hasn’t updated any pictures since 23rd oct, it has been many days now. When will it update? This is the second time I ask this, I want a clear answer.

  161. Hello, someone recommend me this app and I think is great but I very dissatisfied, my friend has the option to turn on the R 18 Mode for the sexual content, but when I use my app, in settings it only give me the privacy option and doesn’t give me the option to turn on the sexual content. Can you please help me?

  162. One day my ‘the beauty’ app suddenly had the feature to enable ‘you know what’ content. But after reinstalling the app the option is gone. How do u get it back?

  163. Hello, You have a great app but I’m want to know do you get the R 18 content if you use the free version because when I downloaded the app I didn’t had the option in my security features, the only feature is privacy but my friend who introduce me to the app has the feature and also have the free version, so as a person who use your app, I feel very dissatisfied.

  164. I bought the apps long ago and everything was fine. But recently, ive got problems trying to download pictures. Whenever i try to, the apps want me to rebuy it. Pls fix?

  165. I would like to help you to translate this app. I’m japanese so I think I can translate naturally.

  166. I also have the same problem. i bought the full version through an in-app purchase, bought a new phone and installed the free version. i restored my purchase but the only difference is that there are no more ads. My favourites are gone and i don’t have access to VDO, GIF, R18 or CMI.
    Is there a way to fix this?

  167. If it’s being used and the cellular phone is changed for more than 1 year.
    A filter spans and how to take off isn’t understood. Please tell how to take off to me

  168. 你好,ACGArt6.2.1版本的总是有闪退问题,除了主屏幕,点击随机看图和收藏都会出现闪退

  169. So I’m using the free act art app and when I start it up it works fine, but when ever I click anyway else other than the first page it immediately is like “Nope sorry” and crashes.

  170. So i start the app, and if a click on anything other than the daily pics it immediately crashes.

  171. 1
    I cannot write comment to this app through ios app store.
    It always says something like
    “You need to buy it or download it first”

    I cannot find this app’s icon in my purchased list
    but it is in my update list. Maybe this is the reason .

    I bought it long ago and sponsored it recently.

    Anyway, I just want to give a 5⭐ comment to it.

    1. Though it is a bad situation now, I’m looking forward to your reply about following situation and I can report what you said to some Chinese users. Best wishes.

      1. I got it. The news is so bad. I have reported the new post to some Chinese users and… I wish that you can come back as soon as possible, sincerely.

      2. Thanks for your understanding.

        In order to create consumer confusion, some apps in App Store is choosing a name substantially similar to the name of ‘ACG Art’. Please know that the official ‘ACG Art’ is out from App Store now. The truth is ACG Art out.

  172. I’ve been trying to download the app again, and i paid for the full verssion, but it sys that the app is no longer available, is this a problem with my cellphone ir with the app in general?

    1. It’s gone, did something happened to ACG Art – Anime Girl Wallpaper Magazine? I can’t find it in the appstore anymore…

  173. Oh… I’m so sorry to hear that… I hope for you guys the best and that you can recover your Apple Developer Account with no complications as soon as posible.

  174. Yes, we know that and I will post it again. However, some consumers have purchased it yet and they are applying for refund.

    1. So, are you saying that if you Recover your Apple Developer Account all the consumers who buyed the app would still have is purchased?

  175. Why don’t you guys remake it on android instead? I seriously wouldn’t mind pay again for a that amazing app don’t remove nsfw please :$)

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