Dear Users

We are so sorry to tell you that our Apple Developer Account was revoked on 12/27/2016 after we received a formal Notice of Termination from Apple. As you know, all of our apps were removed from sale on that day.

We don’t know what happened… O my god… We just wanted to find out the reason for the removal.

We called Apple Developer Support and they said they couldn’t provide more information, but told us that we could make an appeal.

We contacted Apple Developer Support to appeal the termination on 12/29/2016 and 12/31/2016. We just want to know the detail for the removal as you want, and we want to appeal. But we didn’t received any reply from Apple by now. We can’t update our apps anymore.

We are so disappointed about this issue.

Update on 1/6/2017

Today, I called Apple Developer Support again, and they said they couldn’t provide more information once again as I know. And they told me that we may could not make an appeal in one year when the account was terminated by Apple.

It does not look like our apps can return to the App Store anytime soon. Due to our app’s removal from the App Store, please note that you can no longer download the apps you paid for. Everybody do not delete the apps on your device.

Thank you for your support

Thanks to everybody! Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support.

PS. You will like Artibee (2/15/2017)

Yes, you can find the new app ‘Artibee‘ on App Store now.



5 thoughts on “Dear Users

  1. Sooooo…. any plans to have an Android version now?
    Really wish to have this app after I switched from IPhone to Android…
    Please do consider!

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